Despite having read Eric Asimov’s “How to Love Wine” and the work of a host of other reputable wine writers and experts on the futility of tasting notes, I still have fallen into the trap of searching for granular tastes and aromas in the wines I drink and ultimately share on this blog. No more! It’s a disservice to you, my readers, as, even if these type of tasting notes really stand for anything, they’re quite subjective. My fig is your cassis, my apricot your peach, and so on…Additionally, it kind of takes away from my enjoyment, as instead of relishing the first sip and swish of a freshly uncorked bottle, I’m usually swishing it around while searching for paper and pen---while my dear and sweet husband patiently waits at the table or on the couch for my company. So, from now on, the wine posts on Knives & Corks will share my more broad opinions of wine, such as body and tannin level, and will focus more on the context of consumption. Please except my sincerest apologies for this brush with pompousness.