True to its name, after a few glasses of this, I had some pretty wacky dreams. Although that could have been from this Honey Garlic Scallion Meatloaf, so I won’t place all blame on poor Dave Matthews….that’s right. Dreaming Tree is co-owned by Dave Matthews. His business partner is New Zealander, Sean McKenzie.

Dreaming Tree is doing some cool stuff in terms of sustainability, like 100% recycled labels, bottles made using natural gas, the use of solar panels (17,000 of them) and holds a certification from the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.

Dave and Sean are making a host of wines, but I tried Crush, a blend of predominantly merlot, zinfandel and petite sirah.

This was the first wine I had following a 2-day detox, so maybe I was especially easy to please… Dreaming Tree’s Crush was very pleasing and satisfying with a full mouthfeel and the well-defined flavors you want from a hearty red blend. I won’t offer any verbose tasting notes (see here), but will share that this is a full-bodied wine with overt oak and spice, and medium tannins. It’s well-balanced and would complement many different types of food. As stated above, we had it with meatloaf, but I wouldn’t hesitate to serve it with lighter dishes of chicken or seafood with citrus involved, as the wine has a light and fruity aspect to it, as well.

I picked it up at the grocery store for about $13.