Trapiche is a large and established brand based in Mendoza, Argentina, that I first encountered via its Oak Cask Cabernet Sauvignon during our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. We ordered the bottle several times throughout the week because it had the fullness we love in a red, but was still smooth enough for drinking by itself. It also went really well with the vegetarian lasagna I opted for on our final night (because at the end of a week-long, all-inclusive hedonist adventure, even this girl gets tired of red meat).

Once we were home and back to real life, I noticed Traphiche’s Oak Cask Malbec on the wine list of one our favorite restaurants, Brick House Tavern + Tap.  Apart from its affordability (a bottle runs less than $15), this wine has everything I love about Malbec, and red wine in general: full black fruit up front, then some spice, and a lasting velvety finish. I paired it with a meat and cheese board and some sweet and spicy shrimp... Boom! Wine Down Wednesday.

The Trapiche Cab and Malbec are great for keeping on hand at home. Both possess the smoothness that is ideal for sipping alone without food, although frankly, I’ll drink most any wine on its own without food. Cin! Cin! Trapiche, I’ll be exploring more of your offerings.